Our members

AFTA is comprised of the Australian flower industry’s most notable traders of commercial cut flowers and foliage.

AFTA offers its members a platform to engage with other industry participants and to research and respond to key issues affecting the industry.

For example, our members have provided detailed submissions to a review of Country of Origin Labelling and whether it should be applied to the cut flower and foliage .

Other contributions include:

  • Providing technical submissions to the Pest Risk Analysis for Cut Flower and Foliage Imports Part 1 & 2, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 2019
  • Cooperation with the Inspector-General of Biosecurity – reviews and annual reports
  • Participation in various Industry and Australian Government departmental forums
  • Continuous engagement with Australian Biosecurity forums including PEPICC, IFFRWG, Cost Recovery, and Border Optimisation Working Groups
  • Attendance and participation in various international forums to explain and promote Australia’s biosecurity and regulatory framework
  • Engaging and coordinating with various International Flower associations to further Australia’s trading opportunities
  • Liasing with AUSTRADE and Australian counsels around the world to promote Australian interests
  • Engaging with experts around the world to bring new technologies and methods to bear, in order to meet Australia’s Appropriate Level of Protection
  • Assisting local Australian growers with technical submissions to facilitate the trade of bulbs and young plants
  • Attending various international forums promoting Australia’s native cut flower exports

Members are kept informed of news and regulatory developments in trade, phytosanitary policy and regulations that that may have an impact on their activities.

AFTA members are invited to share information and contribute to discussion papers being developed.

Our members collectively determine the Association’s future direction for research, advocacy and engaging with stakeholders.

Our charter

  • Represent members of the Australian flower trading community with respect to federal and state government, media, and various regulatory bodies affecting on the cut flower industry.
  • Encourage and develop effective communication, dialogue, and partnerships between industry stakeholders, inclusive of regulators, growers, importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers, florists and allied suppliers.
  • Advocate for the fair, practical and evidence based application of state and federal phytosanitary policy with respect to cut flower movements.
  • Advocate for the interests of the industry, with a clear focus on facilitating and expanding the cost effective trade of cut flowers, both within the internal Australian market and in developing access to foreign markets.
  • Encourage and facilitate the communication between foreign government regulators and scientific organisations with Australian regulators.
  • Conduct, collect and make available both market based and scientific research for the purposes of better informing members.
  • Collect information about the strategic priorities of the membership directly from the membership, and determine the future direction of research, advocacy, and conduct.

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